A global organization of workers who make products for transnational brands, uniting to demand living wages, safe factories and stable jobs.

Adidas Workers Unite!

Our first global campaign began in February, 2013, and is called Adidas Workers Unite! The effort unites the workers within the supply chain of the German sportswear brand Adidas to win living wages, safe factories and stable jobs. Please take a moment to read our “First International Declaration” from February 10, 2013, which explains the Adidas workers’ campaign as well as the League’s overall vision.

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Workers at Adidas supplier Imteks factory in Düzce, Turkey won an important and groundbreaking victory, and now have an officially recognized union represented by League member TEKSiF! 

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 21, 2013.

We are Indonesian Adidas workers: We support the struggle of Adidas workers in China, Taiwan, South America and in every country to fight against: Union busting, bad working conditions, unilateral layoffs, and violations of workers' rights at suppliers and subcontractors of Adidas.

When workers join together to demand fair working conditions, Adidas contract factories seem to have a standard response: Fire the workers, blacklist them so they can't find jobs elsewhere, and threaten the rest of the workers that the same will happen to whoever else dares to organize. Despite clearly violating Adidas' Workplace Standards and local labor laws, this has happened over and over and over again.

But in past weeks, workers at three different Adidas contractors have won decisive victories over this cynical roadblock to workers' rights. At Textiles Opico in El Salvador, Joe Anne Dominicana in the Dominican Republic, and Troon Manufacturing in Nicaragua, workers won their jobs back after being fired for organizing.

Para lograr justicia social, todos a luchar con la Liga Sindical!

(To win social justice, everyone struggle together with the Union League!)

That was the chant last weekend in San Salvador, where workers from Adidas contractors across Latin America convened with other union leaders from around the region for the Americas Regional Conference of the International Union League for Brand Responsibility.

During the conference, the League voted on new members. The Industrial Workers' Federation of Argentina (FeTIA-CTA) reports on its blog:

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