A global organization of workers who make products for transnational brands, uniting to demand living wages, safe factories and stable jobs.


Check out news from unions in the Americas region:

  • Dominican Republic
    Dominican Federation of Free Trade Zone Workers (FEDOTRAZONAS)

  • El Salvador
    Workers’ Unity Federation of El Salvador (FUERSA)

  • Haiti
    Batay Ouvriye (Workers' Fight)

  • Honduras
    Honduras Union Federation of Maquila Workers — Workers’ General Center (FESITRATEMSH-CGT)
    Union of STAR Workers (SITRASTAR)

  • Nicaragua
    Union Federation of Workers of the Maquila and Textile Industry (FESTMIT)



Para lograr justicia social, todos a luchar con la Liga Sindical!

(To win social justice, everyone struggle together with the Union League!)

That was the chant last weekend in San Salvador, where workers from Adidas contractors across Latin America convened with other union leaders from around the region for the Americas Regional Conference of the International Union League for Brand Responsibility.

During the conference, the League voted on new members. The Industrial Workers' Federation of Argentina (FeTIA-CTA) reports on its blog:

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