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Deriteks Sendikası Completed Collective Bargaining Negotiations with H&M Supplier!

Congratulations to League member Deriteks Sendikası for successfully coming to a collective bargaining agreement with KT Deri, an H&M supplier!

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Union League Holds Americas Regional Meeting in Honduras

The International Union League for Brand Responsibility held its regional meeting for Americas League members in San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras at the end of November 2017. The meeting was a successful three days of connecting our struggles and strategizing for a strong start to 2018!

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Philippines: Call for Support Against Duterte Government’s Crackdown and Killings of Workers, Labor Organizers and Human Rights Defenders in the Philippines!


20 workers and labor organizers have been killed under the US-Duterte regime.

Workers and labor organizers who were victimized by extra-judicial killings are Merly Valguna and Dorie Mallari Ariel Diaz, Edilberto Miralles, Orlando Abangan, Joel Lising, Alexander Ceballos, Wenceslao Pacquiao, Renato Anglo, Orlando Eslana, Glenn Ramos, Pepito Tiambong, Jerson Bito, Ariel Gelbero, Gaggil Jama, Jemar Jama, Radzmie Jama, Francisco Guevarra, Reneboy Magayano, and Edwin Pura.

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Timberland Wages Harassment Campaign Against Union Leader!

Workers at a Timberland supplier in the industrial zone Zona Franca Industrial PISANO de Santiago de los Caballeros have been organizing with FEDOTRAZONAS for the last 4 years. 

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Resist Duterte’s fascism, State Terrorism, and Creeping Dictatorship!

The Union League stands in solidarity with member Kilusang Mayo Uno in the Philippines standing up to US-backed Duterte's increasingly fascist actions! From KMU:

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May Day 2017: Union League Members Around the World Continue the Struggle!



Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU)

Protesters carry a sign over a bridge, blocking it for May Day and wearing red

 KMU held a 3-day event to commemorate May Day. Members of KADAMAY, an affiliate of KMU, march from the province and went to the capital of the Philippines on April 29, 2017 to underscore the need for public housing. On April 30, KMU led a protest action during the ASEAN meeting held in Manila, Philippines. On May 1, KMU led a 100,000 strong rally across the Philippines, with 40,000 gathered in the capital Manila. The main issues raised during the events were the need for a National Minimum Wage of ~15USD/day, an end to contract work and better public service, including public housing.

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Nicaragua: Brutal Police Repression of Workers at SAE-A Technotex

On June 27, union leaders protesting contaminated drinking water and the refusal to negotiate with the union at SAE-A Technotex in Nicaragua were fired by management and forcibly taken out of the factory by riot police.

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India: 350,000 Workers Protest New Social Security Policy and Win!

Workers crowd the streets shutting down traffic. 350,000 garment workers, mainly women from Bangalore, Mandya, Ramanagar, and Mysore districts, walked out of their factories to protest the new EPF/Social Security policy of Indian Central Government April 18th and 19th and forced the government to accept their demands!
The protests began in a Shahi Group factory where League member Garment and Textile Workers Union (GATWU) in Bangalore has significant membership. Despite the difficulties for workers to form factory unions in Bangalore, leading to only around 3% union density for the around 600,000 garment workers, a huge majority of workers joined the protests that began the morning of April 18th to protest the government's policy changes. By the evening of April 19th, the government was forced to give in to the workers' demands and rescind its EPF policy in an history victory for Bangalore women garment workers the Central Indian Government!
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Victory in Turkish Mulberry Supplier!

Victory for Turkish Union League Member at Mulberry Supplier!


Deriteks members in Tuzla hold a protest outside of their factory with Deriteks signs and a sign calling out Mulberry In a tremendous victory for Turkish Union League member Deriteks Sendikası, workers at SF Leather factory in Izmir, Turkey held their first hard-fought victory meeting at 10 am this morning with union representatives inside of the factory to discuss the workers' rights to unionize, after management had previously staged a heavy-handed anti-union campaign, telling the workers they would never allow a union into the factory.

After a 9-month organizing campaign by Deriteks Sendikası at the Mulberry supplier factory, workers won a hard-fought victory by directly challenging the buyer brand to take responsibility for the conditions in its supplier! SF Leather factory workers began organizing at the beginning of 2015, but were hit hard when the employer found out about their unionization efforts.

"I, along with 13 colleagues, was dismissed by my employer after I refused to give in to threats to stop organizing a union with my coworkers," said Mehmet Cin, a 5-year veteran of the company, "They tried to say it was because of performance issues, but at the same time they had just given us a performance-related bonus and a few days later told us we could come back to the company if we resigned our union membership. We refused."

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International Day of Action to Support Turkish Mulberry Workers!

In Izmir, Turkey, workers at Mulberry supplier SF Leather have been fighting for union recognition for 6 months. The workers, along with Union League member Deriteks Sendikası, called for an international day of action to call on Mulberry to follow their own "Global Sourcing Principles" and ensure that their workers have the right to organize!


SF Leather workers in Izmir, Turkey call on Mulberry to respect their rights!

SF Leather workers in Izmir sit on a sidewalk, some with fists in the air


Cambodian Labour Confederation stands in solidarity with SF Leather workers:

Cambodian Labour Confederation members hold signs in Khmer, Turkish, and English in support of Mulberry workers in Turkey


Washington, DC: Teamsters deliver a letter to Mulberry retail store in Tyson's Corner in solidarity with workers

Teamster unionists stand in front of their emblem holding signs about Mulberry


India: Garment and Textile Workers' Union (GATWU) in solidarity with SF Leather workers

Women of GATWU stand with signs supporting workers in Turkey


Bristol, UK: Labour Behind the Label calls out Mulberry at their headquarters 

Protesters stand next to a huge purse labeled "Mulberry" and give flyers to passersby



Asia Monitor Resource Centre & HK Globalisation Monitor deliver a letter to Mulberry in Hong Kong

People stand in front of a Mulberry store with signs calling on them to respect their workers' rights


Bangladeshi unionists representing a number of unions in the LA Garment Worker Center

Bangladeshi union representatives stand in solidarity with SF Leather workers in Turkey

 (Represented: League member BIGUF, BGIWF, BCWS, Solidarity Center)

Turkey: Deriteks members in Tuzla protest in solidarity with their union brothers & sisters in Izmir

Deriteks members protest Mulberry in solidarity with SF Leather workers in Izmir


New York City: United Students Against Sweatshops & allies deliver a letter of solidarity to a Mulberry retail store 

 Three protesters stand in front of a New York City Mulberry retail store with flyers for consumers


Santa Clara, CA, USA: United Students Against Sweatshops deliver a letter of solidarity to Mulberry retail location

Students stand in front of a Mulberry store in solidarity with workers


Philippines: Kilusang Mayo Uno stands in solidarity with SF Leather workers

KMU members in the Philippines hold signs of solidarity with Turkish Mulberry workers


Activists in Berlin, Germany deliver a letter to Mulberry in solidarity with Deriteks members

A woman stands in front of Mulberry in Berlin with a fist in the air holding the letter she will deliver


Not pictured:

  • Workers United unionists deliver a letter of solidarity with SF Leather workers to Mulberry retail store manager in Cabazon, California in the United States.
  • Clean Clothes Campaign members protest at a Mulberry retail location in Vienna, Austria in solidarity with Turkish Mulberry workers


A Deriteks member holds a sign reading \


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