Sri Lankan Workers Call for ILO Convention Against Violence and Harassment on the Job!

Free Trade Zones & General Services Employees' Union joins a coalition of unions in Sri Lanka to call on the ILO to adopt a convention against workplace violence and harassment!:

"Support an ILO Convention on 'Violence Against Men and Women in the world of work'
Memorandum to the Sir Lanka Delegation to the ILC Round Table Conference 

3 June 2018,Geneva

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Bangladesh: NGWF Calls for Eid Bonuses to be Paid!

Demand by National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF) for payment of Festival bonus and salary allowance of garment workers immediately. They mentioned that, Festival Bonus is no longer kindness or custom, but Law. Therefore, not to pay Festival Bonus at the right time, it means the violation of the law.

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USA: Solidarity with Gülden, Illegally Dismissed Hugo Boss Worker!

Unionists in the USA stand in solidarity with Gülden, founding member of TEKSiF's Hugo Boss factory union who was illegally dismissed on May 21, 2018! Union League Solidarity Committee members went to the Hugo Boss retail store at the World Trade Center in New York City to protest Hugo Boss's unethical action targeting organized workers. 

"We're here to protest Hugo Boss's illegal and shameful dismissal of Gülden," said Nina Trumbo, a member of the New York City chapter of the Union League Solidarity Committee, "We demand that the company immediately hire back all illegally dismissed TEKSiF members and stop all union-busting tactics!" 

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Hugo Boss: Stop Repressing Workers in Turkey!

Hugo Boss illegally dismisses a founding member of TEKSiF's Hugo Boss factory union!

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Sri Lanka: Workers Have a Right to Celebrate May Day!

Logo of the FTZ & GSEU union in Sri Lanka**The International Union League stands in solidarity with its member Free Trade Zone & General Services Employees' Union (FTZ & GSEU) joining with ally unions to demand that the government not attack workers' right to celebrate May Day!**


18th April 2018
Joint Trade Union Media Release
Protest against postponing May Day and obstructing worker

We strongly protest the decision of this “good governance” unity
government that has not only postponed the international workers’ day on
May 01 st that in Sri Lanka is a workers’ right to celebrate, but also its
attempts at disrupting any workers’ celebrations on May Day.
It was in 1956 that May Day was declared a holiday in Sri Lanka for Public,
Bank and the Mercantile sectors. After 62 years this government has
declared May Day a working day by issuing a gazette notification that has
created confusion even among the top Bureaucracy. Government has on a
unilateral decision, declared May 07 as the alternate day for May Day
celebrations. The government did not even consider it worth discussing the
issue of postponing May Day in the National Labour Advisory Council
(NLAC) before it decided on the postponement.

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Philippines: KMU addresses Labor Secretary

March 15, 2018

Face off

KMU General Secretary Jerome addresses workers in a rally targeting the Labor Secretary on the issue of contractualization in the Philippines.

KMU Secretary-General Jerome Adonis (wearing red and holding a microphone) addressed Secretary Bello, the Department of Labor head (wearing white).

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Message from Union League President Estela Ramirez - SPANISH

It's not often we get to take time out of our busy schedules, but it's worth it to take a minute to show our tremendous appreciation to the folks who have contributed in solidarity with our campaigns for the past year

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2017 Year-End Review

What have Union League members been doing in 2017? Here's our 2017 Year in Review!


But First: TAKE ACTION! - Bangalore, India:

Workers on the 9th day of their hunger strike at Avery Dennison in Bangalore, India hold signs calling for fair treatment from the brands!

Sign & share Avery Dennison workers' petition to call on brands to ensure their rights are respected! On Monday, December 18th, Avery Dennison workers in Bangalore, India refused food and went on a hunger strike in their factory, taking action to resist anti-worker mistreatment by management! Workers in the factory, organized with League member Garment and Textile Workers' Union (GATWU), took action to protest conditions in their factory owned by Avery Dennison, which supplies hangtags for brands such as H&M, Adidas, Levi's, Timberland, and many others. They are now on Day 9 of their hunger strike and need our support! Take action and call on the brands whose profits are made by these workers to do the right thing!

Now, on to our 2017 in review! -


KT Deri workers, Deriteks leadership, and KT Deri management pose together outside of the factory after completing CBA negotiations

Workers at H&M supplier KT Deri, represented by Deriteks Sendikası, successfully negotiated a collective bargaining agreement with their employer, gaining a 19% wage increase and two bonuses a year among other benefits!

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Over 1,000 Bangladeshi Workers Take Action to Support Rohingya!

Brother Amin, of NGWF, addresses the group of over 1,000 workers on symbolic hunger strike to support the Rohingya community

Over a thousand workers have observed an hour-long hunger strike today, Friday, December 15, 2017, at 10:30am in front of the National Press Club, in Dhaka city, with call to the international community to stop all kinds of trade concessions to Myanmar, immediate resolution of the Rohingya crisis, relieving Bangladesh from danger and protection of workers & labour-standard of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Trade Union Solidarity Committee for Rohingya (BTUSCR), formed with 12 trade union
federations, organized the program.

The program was presided over by BTUSCR Coordinator labour leader Amirul Haque Amin. It was addressed by Joint Coordinators of the Committee M Delwar Hossain, Quamrul Hasan, Kazi Mohammad Ali, Ms Arifa Akter, Rafiqul Islam Babul, Ms Shamima Shirin, Ms Papiya Akter, Advocate Haider Ali, Faruque Khan, Rafiqul Islam Rafique, Ms Nasima Akter, Ms Kulsum Akter, Ms Sima Akter, Humayun Kabir and Fulbabu.

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Nike Day of Action to Support SITRASTAR

Workers at STAR factory in Honduras protest Gildan cutting jobs despite growing profits.Gildan announced at the beginning of April 2017 that it would cut 350 workers in the STAR factory in Honduras, where the SITRASTAR trade union has represented workers since 2008. The union and management were about to negotiate their 5th Collective Bargaining Agreement by the end of 2017. The brand ANVIL owns STAR, it was purchased in 2013 by GILDAN and more recently in February 2017, GILDAN announced the purchase of the company American Apparel. GILDAN's financial reports have shown sustained and growing growth in sales and profits including operations in Honduras.

The union, from the outset, pointed out that the real intention is to make the Collective Bargaining Agreement more flexible and less comprehensive, and even to destroy the union which has achieved important benefits for workers. SITRASTAR appealed to the International Union League for Brand Responsibility, which includes SITRAJERZEES-ND in Honduras, FEDOTRAZONAS in the Dominican Republic, and in SITRASACOSI El Salvador. They all developed a series of actions and lobbying efforts coordinating with the Union League, USAS, MSN as well as Batay Ouvriye in Haiti, who simultaneously faced a strike and strong tensions at GILDAN factories in their country.

STAR produced sportswear for ADIDAS and NIKE for many years. Both brands argued that they did not control GILDAN's production decisions but pledged to make it reflect and examine the options. After the days of action on July 22 and 29, GILDAN announced that it had only dismissed 120 workers, some who left voluntarily, relocated some to another factory in Villa Nueva or dismissed them with all of the benefits legally owed to them.Protest at a Nike retail location led by USAS to support SITRASTAR's campaign

However, GILDAN seems to be developing another strategy, SITRASTAR is now reporting that the managers are using a group of workers controlled by the bosses to try to take over the union leadership. The leaders of this group under employer control have economic support and are using violence and threats to achieve their goals. On September 26, 2017, the Secretary General of SITRASTAR was threatened with death in order to try to prevent them from distributing a union leaflet.

SITRASTAR has requested that we pay attention for updates on the situation and be prepared to support them when needed!

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