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Gildan Union Network

We also have formed the Gildan Union Network, a regional campaign in Central America and the Caribbean led by workers of the Canadian company Gildan Activewear and its contractors. Take a look at our photos from protests by Gildan workers in Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic on July 24, 2012.

Check out the latest news on Gildan from our blog, below the slideshow.


Dear supporter,

As chair of the coordinating committee of the International Union League for Brand Responsibility, I am thrilled to take this moment to share some important updates with our friends and allies. In the past three months, your moral and economic support has strengthened garment workers across the globe as we launch an effort without precedent and that we believe is our best hope for ending sweatshop exploitation.

We hope to provide an update to you quarterly, along with occasional urgent news and requests for action. Please do not hesitate to contact our coordinating committee at organize@adidasworkers.org.

Today, workers producing clothing for Montreal-based Gildan Activewear took action in Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic to protest labor abuses. The activities kicked off a new regional coordination between these workers, called the Gildan Union Network.

See a press release below after the slideshow of photos from today's action.

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