#WeNeed177: Cambodian Workers Demand Fair Min Wage from Brands!

On September 17th, a coalition of Cambodian unions, including League member C.CAWDU, called for an international day of action demanding that brands like H&M, Adidas, Zara, Gap, and Levi's take direct responsibility for ensuring their workers are paid a fair $177 minimum wage and negotiate directly with Cambodian unions. Check out photos from actions taken by workers from more than 135 factories in Cambodia and the amazing show of solidarity from workers and supporters around the world!

In Phenom Penh, Cambodian workers demand that brands take responsibility for paying their workers a fair wage at the offices of H&M, C&A, and Marks & Spencer:


In India, H&M workers, members of GATWU in Bangalore, demonstrate in solidarity with Cambodian workers inside of their factory!

Women sewing clothing in their H&M factory in India wear stickers with the logo of the Cambodian call for a $177 minimum wage


In Turkey, members of TEKSiF and workers at Imteks, an Adidas supplier, stand in solidarity with Cambodian workers:

Adidas workers in Turkey demonstrate in solidarity with Cambodian workers demanding a fair minimum wage!


In Turkey, members of Deriteks demonstrate in solidarity with Cambodian workers:

Workers at AKA Deri, members of Deriteks in Turkey demonstrate in solidarity with Cambodian workers


In Montréal, members and supporters of Workers United/UES Local 800 take part in a solidarity action at H&M:


Sydney, Australia solidarity action at Gap & Zara:


New Jersey, USA: H&M warehouse workers, members of Workers United stand in solidarity:


Brussels, Belgium:


Copenhagen, Denmark solidarity action at Zara:


Cairo, Egypt solidarity actions at Adidas and H&M:


Egyptian revolutionary Ahmed Harrara and worker leader Kamal Fayoumi from Mahalla, Egypt stand in solidarity:


Lyndhurst, New Jersey, USA Workers United members working at Barney's New York distributor show solidarity:


Hong Kong solidarity action at H&M:


San Francisco, California, USA solidarity action at Levi's and H&M:


Korean Confederation of Trade Unions stand in solidarity:


Workers at Garyline Togs, Workers United members stand in solidarity:


Kuala Lampur, Malaysia:


United Students Against Sweatshops students in London, UK:


Texas, USA solidarity action at Gap:


Toronto, Ontario, Canada Workers United members and supporters, solidarity action at Adidas:


Textile, Footwear & Clothing Union of Australia stands in solidarity from Melbourne, Australia:


Washington, DC, USA solidarity action at H&M:


BWI South Asia, Asia Pacific stand in solidarity:


In Turkey, Deriteks leadership and Clean Clothes Campaign Turkey deliver a letter to the Cambodian Consulate in Istanbul:

Deriteks, League, and CCC-Türkiye deliver a letter to the Cambodian Consulate in Istanbul


Solidarity demo at the Adidas headquarters in Portland, Oregon:


Solidarity protests at Puma & Adidas in Delhi, India:


Solidarity action at H&M in Baltimore, Maryland, USA:


Members of Workers United, Midwest Regional Joint Board take action at Walmart in Chicago, Illinois, USA:



IndustriALL and UNI global unions take action at the Cambodian Mission in Geneva, Switzerland:


From El Salvador, letters of solidarity from Salvadoran Union & Social Front:


And from League member FUERSA:


And, finally, check out this amazing video of the solidarity action in front of Old Navy at Herald Square in New York City!


Together, we win! Su su su! ស៊ូៗ ស៊ូៗ!



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