Bangladeshi Workers Deserve a Fair Minimum Wage!

NGWF Statement

"The activists of the garment sector and the activists of the Federation of Industry all Global Union and two affiliate federations demands for determining the minimum wage Tk. 16,000 and stop fun of the wage’s of the workers. * National Garment Worker Federation (NGWF)* Akota Garments Workers Federation (AGWF). They demanded the wages of the garment workers Tk. 16,000 on Friday, 27th July, 2018. After a short rally is stated in front of the National Press Club at 11 am, the rally is completed on the press club, the Paltan, the Press Club, the High Court, Topkhana Road and the front of the Federation Office and Circumambulate different paths of Dhaka city.

The program was presided over by Mr. Amirul Haque Amin president of NGWF. Besides this the honorable persons have given speech as Mr. Kamrul Hasan- General Secretary of Akota Garments Workers Federation, Mst. Arifa Akhter, Centre leader of two Federations, Md Kobir Hossain, Mst. Shema Akhter, Mst. Nasima Akhter, Esrat Jahan Ela, Md. Faridul Islam and Mst. Sweaty Akter.
The Solidarity ‍speech have given by Syed Sultan Uddin Ahamed, Executive Director of BILS, and Mr. Salauddin Shopon, General Secretary of IBC. The speakers criticized ‘wage board’, including the proposed formation of a wage board, and mention it as a 'trick'. They said that the workers' representatives on the wage board belong to the labor organization of the sector and the largest number of workers representing the organization. But the wage board appointed such persons who have not been associated with any organization in the garment sector.
Regarding the wage scheduling and declaration of rules in 6 months, the wage determination and announcement in six months - just three meetings were held. 5 years ago, with 5% increase in the 7th grade 5,300 / - where the present wage is more than Tk. 6,400 / - + in the 7th grade, the owner has proposed 6,360 / - which actually reduction from wage. On the other hand, all labor organizations where the minimum wage demand is 16,000 tk., the proposal has been submitted to the workers'; representative of tk.12,020 / - --- which is totally unreasonable and immoral. It is very important to set logical wage and the key to the economy and the most profitable workers'; wages to stop such sarcasm of the country's largest economy.
Speakers mentioned that the workers'; representatives try to make agitation by declaring only offered 12 thousand taka of wage of garment workers. At the same time, according to the Wage Board 2013, the present proposal of 6,300 / - taka is to be allocated at the lowest rate of Tk. 6,400 / -, saying that it is a reduction of the wage. This kind of vicious and intentional announcement is enough for creating instigation, agitation and unstable situation that it is a matter of encouragement to the workers. By this, owners will misguide the government and push government to take aggressive measurement against trade unions and RMG workers . They are cheating to impose their responsibility on workers and worker’s organizations by creating an unstable situation in the sector with austerity and provocation.
The speakers seriously criticized the CPD and said according to CPD - 5 years ago minimum wage was 5,300 tk. With 32 percent inflation in last 5 years it should 7 thousand tk. The leaders warned the CPD that - no body gave them authority to make this formula and mentioned it is simply betray with 4,2 million RMG workers."