Indonesian Garment Workers Sign Settlement Agreement with Adidas

San Francisco, CA- The 2,700 former workers of the PT Kizone International factory and their union have signed an agreement with the Adidas Group. Two years after PT Kizone, the Indonesian factory where they worked, closed without paying legally mandated severance, the former workers will receive a substantial sum from Adidas. The agreement is expected to settle an ongoing lawsuit with the University of Wisconsin and a student campaign in the US.

"We are proud to be part of such an agreement," said Aslam Hidayat, former Kizone worker and Coordinator of the PT Kizone workers coordinating committee, "but most of all, we are relieved that our families will be receiving the funds that they need so desperately. Adidas has done the right thing in this case."

The Kizone workers and their union are committed to working with Adidas to ensure that these funds are distributed appropriately to each Kizone worker and that the agreement is fully implemented.