KMU joins Union League: NXP workers continue struggle for justice

The International Union League for Brand Responsibility is proud to announce our newest member, the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU, May First Movement) hailing from the Philippines! With support from labor activists like you, the League continues to build a broad coalition of workers ready to take on the transnational corporations that must take responsibility for the labor of workers who make their licensed apparel.

KMU represents 115,000 workers across several different sectors including workers in the apparel industry. Born out of militant working-class resistance to the authoritarian regime of Ferdinand Marcos, the KMU is recognized throughout Southeast Asia as a fighting, democratic union organization. It calls its brand of unionism “genuine, militant and anti-imperialist.”

KMU is currently demanding that NXP Semiconductors Inc., one of the biggest electronics companies in the world, reinstate 24 illegally fired union leaders. Make sure to sign their petition.

We look forward to working with KMU and others to continue ensuring that brands take direct responsibility for their workers!

Kilusang Mayo Uno is asking supporters to take action on the NXP campaign. Here is there message:


Things you can do:

1) Share this video in e-mails, social networking sites and even meetings and assemblies.

2) Sign this petition.

Lo que se pueden hacer:

1) Compartir este video en correo electrónico, sitios de redes sociales e incluso las reuniones y asambleas.

2) Firmar esta petición.

Ce que vous pouvez faire:

1) Partager cette vidéo par e-mails, dans les sites de réseaux sociaux et même dans les réunions et assemblées.

2) Signez cette pétition.


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