May Day Around the World!

League member unions around the world celebrated May Day/International Workers' Day with militant actions, showing the brands the power they have to connect, organize, and grow globally! 

Kilusang Mayo Uno unionists in the Philippines march for May Day

Philippines: Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) 

National Garment Workers' Federation in India holds march for May Day, 2015

Bangladesh: National Garment Workers' Federation (NGWF)

Deriteks unionists in Turkey march for May Day 2015

Turkey: Deriteks Sendika march in Gebze

FEDOTRAZONAS unionists march in the Dominican Republic on May Day 2015

Dominican Republic: SITRALPRO factory unionists affiliated with FEDOTRAZONAS union federation

Cambodian Labour Confederation unionists march on May Day 2015

Cambodia: Coalition of Cambodian Apparel Workers' Democratic Union (C.CAWDU) marches with its union confederation, Cambodian Labour Confederation (CLC)

Unionist Maria Candelaria discusses victorious campaign for workers of STIT union affiliated with FUERSA in El Salvador

El Salvador: Maria Candelaria of STIT union, a FUERSA affiliate, gives news of groundbreaking victory workers' campaign won by directly targeting Hanesbrands and Fruit of the Loom to take responsibility for paying the workers' severance

GATWU unionists march for May Day 2015 in India

India: Garment And Textile Workers Union (GATWU)

BIGUF unionists march for May Day 2015 in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Bangladesh Independent Garment Union Federation (BIGUF) unionists march in Chittagong

Central General de Trabajadores (CGT) unionists march in Honduras for May Day 2015

Honduras: Adidas workers from SITRAPINEHURST factory unionists affiliated with Central General de Trabajadores (CGT) march

TEKSIF unionists march for May Day in Turkey

Turkey: TEKSiF unionists march with Türk-İş union federation in Zonguldak

FTZ & GSEU unionists march for May Day 2015 in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Free Trade Zone & General Services Employees' Union (FTZ & GSEU)