Indonesia: Workers Protest Adidas for Unfair Firings on International Women's Day

For International Women's Day, unjustly fired PDK workers who produced clothing for Adidas staged a protest demanding full reinstatement, payment of back wages for period of unemployment, health benefits, and immediate end to all forms of violence and discrimination against women. 

Kokom Komalawati, local union president and unjustly fired PDK worker, writes: 

In commemoration of International Women's Day, women workers from PT Panarub Dwikarya and members of SBGTS - GSBI will conduct a peaceful protest to pressure Adidas. Adidas is a major sponsor in the world cup this year. As we know, Adidas is targeting a profit of 14 trillion this year and this profit is a result of the labour of workers, including the 1300 workers of PT. Panarub Dwikarya, of which 99 % are women, who were unjustly terminated for participating in a strike to demand their rights. This case has remained unresolved for over 16 months now and Adidas continues to escape responsibility. The PDK workers will continue their struggle by staging peaceful protests every two weeks.


 → Reinstatement of the 1300 PDK workers

 → Pay the wages of the month August 2012 - present

 → Provide health benefits

 → Stop all forms of violence and discrimination against women!