Sept. 16: Mulberry Day of Action!

Sept. 16: Stand in Solidarity with illegally dismissed Mulberry workers!


When: Wednesday, Sept. 16

Where: Mulberry retail locations worldwide

Who: You!


The Campaign:

Union League member Deriteks Sendika members at SF Leather factory in Izmir, Turkey are officially calling for an international day of action against the luxury brand Mulberry to call on them to require their supplier to rehire the 14 illegally dismissed workers and stop all union busting activity! 

Workers at the SF Leather factory began organizing when they were forced to work overtime, up to 13 hour shifts, for low pay and without any food. Management also disrespectfully required Muslim women workers to remove their headscarves and refused to allow workers to pray during the day. Workers in the factory realized their power when they stood together to demand better conditions and the management was forced to listen to their demands. However, after workers attempted to form a factory union, management illegally forced many of them to resign from their union membership and dismissed 14 union leaders. There was no question as to management's union-busting motivations for these dismissals, since soon afterward 11 of the workers were offered their jobs back but only if they resigned from the union. Workers refused, choosing instead to stick with their colleagues and fight as a union for their jobs back. 

Mulberry, the UK-based luxury purse brand, is now claiming, despite their "Global Sourcing Principles" clearly stating that they require their suppliers to respect workers' rights, that it is not responsible for the behavior of its supplier. This is unacceptable. Show Mulberry that it is time for them to step up and take responsibility for the workers whose labour they profit off of every day!

What you can do:

  • Take a picture with this sign & post on social media in solidarity with the workers. Remember to 
    use thehashtag #Justice4MulberryWorkers and tag Mulberry:

                 Facebook: @MULBERRY

                 Twitter: @Mulberry_Editor

                 Instagram: @Mulberry_Editor



Solidarity with Deriteks Sendika members! Dayanışma!