Sri Lankan Workers Call for ILO Convention Against Violence and Harassment on the Job!

Free Trade Zones & General Services Employees' Union joins a coalition of unions in Sri Lanka to call on the ILO to adopt a convention against workplace violence and harassment!:

"Support an ILO Convention on 'Violence Against Men and Women in the world of work'
Memorandum to the Sir Lanka Delegation to the ILC Round Table Conference 

3 June 2018,Geneva

Dear Sirs and Madams,
We, 14 Trade Unions and Women's Organizations discussed the above-mentioned matter seriously decided to make a humble request to the Sri Lanka delegation, and the individual members consisting of Government of Sri Lanka Employers and Workers who represent Sri Lanka at ILC Round Table Conference at Geneva to support the proposed convention on Violence Against Men and Women in the World of Work, unconditionally.

You will agree that violence in the World of Work is a threat to the dignity, security, health and well-being of everyone. It has an impact not only on the workers and employers but also on their families, communities, economies and society as a whole. The Violence in the World of Work affects all section of economic activities around the world including private and public sectors whether they are formal or informal. Variety of workers are being subjected to Physical, such as abusing, Psychological such as mobbing and bullying and Sexual Violence such as sexual harassment etc .This has become a daily occurrence, un-noticed, un-
attended and without remedy. In this context it has become vital and unavoidable to come out with a convention in this nature that addresses the issue in a concrete manner in order to take preventive measures of such instances in the name of dignity of human beings. We emphasise, that its our duty as the Citizens of Sri Lanka who are committed for Justice to all including workers to join hands with global community that works hard to bring out a convention that prevents Violence Against Men and Women in the World to Work.

Thank You,
The Ceylon Mercantile, Industrial & General Workers' Union (CMU)
Ceylon Workers' Congress (CWC)
Free Trade Zones & General Services Employees Union (FTZ & GSEU)
National Workers' Congress (NWC)
Union of Post & Telecommunication Officers (UPTO)
National Union of Seafarers Sri Lanka (NUSS)
National Trade Union Federation & Lanka Jathika Estate Worker Union (NTUF & LJEWU)
National Postal & Telecommunication Workers Union (NPTWU)
Dabindu Collective Union
Safe Organisation
Textile Garment & Clothing Workers Union (TGCWU)
Solidarity Center
Commercial & Industrial Workers Union (CIWU)
Women and Media Collective"