USA: Solidarity with Gülden, Illegally Dismissed Hugo Boss Worker!

Unionists in the USA stand in solidarity with Gülden, founding member of TEKSiF's Hugo Boss factory union who was illegally dismissed on May 21, 2018! Union League Solidarity Committee members went to the Hugo Boss retail store at the World Trade Center in New York City to protest Hugo Boss's unethical action targeting organized workers. 

"We're here to protest Hugo Boss's illegal and shameful dismissal of Gülden," said Nina Trumbo, a member of the New York City chapter of the Union League Solidarity Committee, "We demand that the company immediately hire back all illegally dismissed TEKSiF members and stop all union-busting tactics!" 

Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU), which represents workers in the apparel sector supply chain in the United States, also publicly express their solidarity with TEKSiF members at Hugo Boss in İzmir who have faced continual retaliation for their organizing efforts. Despite the crackdown on organizing, Hugo Boss has attempted to claim its relationship with TEKSiF is one of "collaboration". While shocking, Hugo Boss is employing a tactic often used by brands who believe that their PR campaigns can silence the voice of their workers. We will not be silent, and we will continue to stand in solidarity with TEKSiF Hugo Boss workers until they reach they come to a fair agreement with their employer! 

*I want to join the Union League Solidarity Committee and support garment workers organizing around the world!*

Union League olarak TEKSİF sendikasında örgütlenen Hugo Boss işçilerini mücadelesini destekliyoruz!