Advancing Collective Bargaining Rights in the Dominican Republic




In an effort to share the critical nature of collective bargaining rights in the Dominican Republic, one need look no further than the powerful organizing led by FEDOTRAZONAS. The Federation of Workers in ZONA FRANCAS DIVERSAS Y DE SERVICIO

Founded in 2002, FEDOTRAZONAS gained momentum in the textile and garment sector with the landmark union contract and reopening of the BJ&B factory in Santo Domingo. With over 18,000 members across diverse industries in the national and international market, private and public, within and outside of free trade zones, the members of this union greatly benefit from the protection of their union.

Since 2010, the rapid evolution of the Call Center industry in the Dominican Republic has led to the massive creation of a workforce largely vulnerable to corporate negligence and mistreatment of workers, but this has only motivated FEDOTRAZONAS further to organize call center workers to join the union. This industry largely targets women and youth and subject them to numerous labor violations. Most recently, FEDOTRAZONAS has joined forced with Communication Workers of America (CWA) in order to increase the capacity of our local union to collaborate with organized call center workers around the globe.

In addition to call center workers, FEDOTRAZONAS has commenced organizing workers in the commerce sector, including the company La Sirena, which has ties with the Multinational conglomerate, Walmart, and we have already achieved three union elections to date. Now in 2018, FEDOTRAZONAS has turned its focus to the expansion of organizing campaigns in the commerce sector in order to take advantage of global framework agreements with companies like Carrefour and IKEA.

FEDOTRAZONAS is only growing stronger, and with your support to the International Union League for Brand Accountability, this union will not only strengthen but fight to guarantee the future of collective bargaining in the Dominican Republic.