Join the League Solidarity Committee!

Support garment workers around the world join together to hold multinational brands like H&M, Adidas, Gap, Nike, and many others accountable for the working conditions in their supplier factories!

$10/mo Bus fare for one local union activist to visit workers' communities to educate about labor rights.
$25/mo Phone minutes for one local unionist to keep in touch with fellow workers.
$50/mo Meeting space for workers to discuss problems on the job and to make strategies to defend their rights.
$100/mo Modest office space for workers to type up documents, e-mail with far-away allies, and make photocopies.
$200/mo One organizer and labor rights educator dedicated to supporting workers organizing at a particular factory.
$500/mo Out-of-country travel for one worker representative to strategize with unionists from other countries.

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$31,135.00 raised
GOAL: $100,000.00
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